Fragrance Journey Set – 12 Candles

Fragrance Journey Set – 12 Candles


Candles of the Set:

1- Oud Rose Candle “Oudy, Floral Profile”

2- Noor Candle “Floral, Powdery Profile”

3- Whimsical Wish Candle “Citrus, Floral Profile”

4- Geranium Congele Candle “Sweet, Floral Profile”

5- Peppered Bliss Candle “Fruity, Amber Profile”

6- Bundle of Joy Candle “Powdery Profile”

7- Turquoise Waters Candle “Marine, Fresh Profile”

8- Amal Candle “Citrus, Floral Profile”

9- Gold Treasures Candle “Citrus, Sweet Profile”

10- Moonlight Candle “Citrus, Powdery Profile”

11- Oud Wood Candle “Oudy, Leather Profile”

12- Evening Walk Candle “Powdery, Floral Profile”


Size of Each Candle: 5 x 5 cm

Weight of Each Candle: 110 grams, burns up to 16 hours

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