Candle Care Accessory Set

Candle Care Accessory Set


All of our luxurious candles are quality crafted to provide you with hours of unforgettable moments with scented bliss. To keep them looking and burning at their best use our candle care set to enable you to enjoy them for longer in the most perfect condition.


Used to trim down the wicks of candles.

Why you need it? A Wick Trimmer Helps Candles Burn Brighter, Cleaner and Safer. The candle wick needs to be trimmed for every 4 hours that it burns, and before the candle is lit.


Rounded-style, used to place the bell over the flame and wait until the flame goes out

Why you need it? Helps to avoid problems associated with blowing hot wax and it avoids the smoke and odor of a smoldering wick 

Wick Dipper

Multi purpose candle care tool. Used for extinguishing a flame, moving a shifted wick and removing debris from the wax pool.

Why you need it? Using the dipper to put out the wick in its own wax makes it easier to light and burn cleaner during subsequent burns. 

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