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A baby shower signals a special occasion and one of the most cherished memories when it comes to the preparation and celebration surrounding a newborn baby.

Gathering together those closest to you, this event is an expression of the love shared between family, friends and the parents-to-be, as well as a show of support for the often challenging times ahead.

Here at Lava Candles, you’ll discover a range of handcrafted, artisan products, all of which present the perfect present or provide a special atmosphere at any baby shower. Whether that’s a special memento for attendees, a bespoke gift for the mother-to-be or you’re lighting one of our candles to create relaxing, calming scents and attention to detail with your decorations.

Whatever mood you’re looking to evoke or gift you’re wanting to present, you’ll find something for everyone among our impressive range of scents here at Lava Candles. Should you need any extra information or help to choose a candle, email for one of our brochures or call our expert team on +971 6 731 0505

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