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Ramadan Nights

Ramadan Nights

As night descends, starlight veils the desert sands and the moon traces the sleepy horizon. Brimming with quiet bliss, Ramadan Nights is a poetic fragrance with traditional Arabian notes. Lush and pampering, this is an ideal candle for a peaceful night tucked away from the chaos of the day.


Top Notes: Oranges
Middle Notes: Rose, Nutmeg
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Oud

Fragrance Profile

Floral, Woody

Additional Information

Candle Burning Times and Weight:

Small Moon: up to 30 hours, 860 grams
Big Moon: up to 65 hours, 640 grams
Star: up to 65 hours, 600 grams
Cube: up to 80 hours, 210 grams

  • Price
  • 400.00 AED