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Ramadan Lava

Ramadan Lava

Mellow and addicting, Ramadan Lava fills a space with blissful wonder and adorns the atmosphere with a calming ambiance. With a clean burn, Ramadan Lava conjures an image of tranquil relaxation and carries you on a refreshing journey.


Top Notes: Coconut
Middle Notes: Almond, Cyclamen
Bottom Notes: Amber, White Musk

Fragrance Profile

Floral, Oriental

Additional Information

Candle Burning Times and Weight:

Small Moon: up to 30 hours, 860 grams
Big Moon: up to 65 hours, 640 grams
Star: up to 65 hours, 600 grams
Cube: up to 80 hours, 210 grams

  • Price
  • 370.00 AED