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Marble Candle Holder

Marble Candle Holder

Lava's Signature Carrara marble candle holder is truly one of a kind. Each piece is hand made and elegant showing natural variation in the balance of white with grey. Lava's logo adds a rose gold colored accent that is complimented by the rose gold colored refillable candle that fits perfectly inside. What fragrance best suits you?

Oud Rose: A fragrance with a vivid character, Oud Rose is uniquely luscious and vibrant. Like the flower of its namesake, Oud Rose's aroma is an unmistakable expression of passion that is symbolic of love and appreciation.

Oud Wood: Bold, complex, and earthy; Oud Wood fills the room with a sweet sense of summer calm. The smooth, woody scent of Oud Wood is truly addictive.

Oud Amber: A mysterious and impressionable scent. Oud Amber, tends to evoke strong reactions. Its warm nature and depth make it the perfect candle to create an exquisite atmosphere.

Fragrance Profile

Floral, Oriental, Woody

Additional Information

The candle inside of the marble candle holder is 330 grams and burns up to 95 hours.

11.6 x 10.5 cm

  • Price
  • 430.00 AED