Sit back and be carried away on an extraordinary journey of Emirati grandeur.

Experience a royal essence, create an exquisite atmosphere.


Gaze into the peaceful water and savour the fresh floral heart of jasmine, cinnamon and citrus, cocooned by rich vanilla sweetness. A shimmering aroma of hope and desire; an enchanted oasis where wishes are born.


Star Dust

Conjure the mystic beauty of an enchanting star dust sky with the breath-taking bouquet of iris, orange blossom, and jasmine, layered with a subtle woody base of suede and patchouli. A fascinating fragrance that will ignite your spirit and fulfil your dreams.


Whimsical Wish

Drift away with the enchanting aroma of black pepper and cardamom, soothed by the evocative accents of rich coffee, leather and amber. Close your eyes, make a wish and let the whimsical notes carry your deepest dreams.